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Topps Chrome F1

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Topps Formula 1 Chrome Racing is making its debut in 2020 and is only the second licensed Formula 1 trading card product ever produced by Topps. The timing seems to be prime for this as the global audience for Formula 1 Racing continues to grow daily with much of the interest being driven by the face of the sport, Lewis Hamilton. Although Lewis Hamilton cannot be categorized as a rookie, his Topps Chrome cards from this set are his earliest, and therefore will be among his most valuable. The set will even hold autographs with very limited print runs.

Each 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing Hobby Box comes with four cards per pack and 18 total packs. You can look to find ten parallels or short prints, and nine inserts per box.

The Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing Hobby Box released on April 23.